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The Master List

Yup, the one inevitable post that tries to index and link to everything that's been posted so far in boosterific. Searching via the tags is easy, but doesn't show the full extent of the posts.

Current fic count : 103Lost count.

Buffyverse crossovers

Kim Bauer’s about to have the worst twenty minutes of her life. The clock is ticking… (20 minutes with Angel challenge)

Operation: Retrieval
Sydney Bristow’s in a serious situation, and needs the troops pretty damn fast. Luckily, Riley Finn’s squad happens to be nearby...

Babylon 5
A Ripping Tale
The files of the Watchers Council go back many years. Just what was Anya doing in London in late 1888? And how do the Vorlons fit in?

Ill Met By Moonlight
The two most dangerous lunatics in Gotham meet in a dark alley. (20 minutes with Drusilla challenge)

Battlestar Galactica
The Cylon Detector
Dr Baltar unveils his latest weapon in the hunt for Cylon infiltrators – one Xander Harris.

Producing Results
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Right? (Giles/Grissom slash)

DC Comics
Man of Tweed
All Giles wants is to sort out the Council’s accounts. Unfortunately, he’s in Metropolis, so face it – he doesn’t stand a chance. (20 minutes with Giles challenge.)

Dawn Morgan
If Dawn had been sent to another family to be looked after...

Doctor Who
Apocalypse Prevention The Easy Way
Of all the things Buffy had been asked to do to prevent disaster, she really hadn’t been expecting this one.
Scientific Advisor
The Doctor is bemused. (Drabble)
The Great Bikini Incident (and Aftermath)
Dawn Summers meets Jack Harkness and his defabicator. Buffy makes a slight mistake.
Visions Best Left Unseen
Cordelia’s latest vision is particularly painful. How can the Doctor, Peri and the rest of Angel Investigations help her? (20 minutes with Cordelia challenge)

The "A Girl and Her Time Lord" series
Cliffhanger challenge series, co-writen with moragmacpherson.
1) Things To Do When the Universe Ends (14 parts)
The Doctor's had odd companions before. Still, it's not every day you pick up an anthromorphic embodiment of a principle sitting around at the end of the Universe, is it? Now, if only he could get over the feeling that SHE picked HIM up.
Parts 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8, 9 and 10, 11 and 12, 13 and 14.
2) Together Again For the First Time - Coming Soon!!
The Doctor and his new companions (a one-time ex-mystical key, a seven foot tall lizard and a vole) don't quite arrive where they were aiming for.

The "Timelords, Aliens and Slayers, Oh My!" series
Mickey Smith has a most unfortunate encounter with Drusilla one night.
Double Trouble(?) - Coming Soon!!
Faith's first meeting with Jackie Tyler.
Performance Review - Coming Soon!!
Tosh gets assigned to Cardiff.
Domestic - Coming Soon!!
The Doctor's just not used to hanging around with his companion's family and friends. He's very much unprepared for what happens when you add a wild card like Faith into the mix as well.
Things That Dematerialise In the Night
Master Table
Series of ficlets chronicling Faith's travels in the Tardis with Ten and Rose.
- Strange Reunion (Prompt 001 - Beginnings)
- Catching Up (Prompt 090 - Home)
Doomsday (?) - Coming Soon!!
What the Scoobies (and others) were doing during "Doomsday".
Third Day - Coming Soon!!
The Scoobies meet Torchwood.
Mary Poppins Was Never Like This
Adipose Industries’ weight-loss pills certainly got around.

Due South
Worst Rescue Ever
The missing Giles and Benton Fraiser have just been found by the Scoobies. Unfortunately, their night can only get worse from here on.

Fatal Attraction
Boiling Mad
Anyanka and Alex Forrest discuss men over a few drinks. No-one mention the B word, please… (20 minutes with Anya challenge)

Good Omens
Let’s Go Round Again
Aziraphale’s been hauled back to Heaven to help deal with the backlog of souls. His first case: Ms Anya Jenkins. (20 minutes with Anya Challenge)

Harry Potter
Dinner At Hogwarts
Even the simplest getting-to-know-each-other meals can go horribly wrong if you're the Scoobies.
Getting To The Point
Faith visits Ollivanders’ wand shop. Wacky hijinks ensue.

Heralds of Valdemar (Mercedes Lackey)
On A Pale Horse
Valdemar’s latest Herald is looking like she’s going to be a handful. (Faith)

James Bond
Dead Girl Walking
There will be trouble ahead. Luckily, Giles and M are ahead of everyone else. (drabble)

Justice League of America
Hat Trick
Missing some highly dangerous magical artifacts? Time to call in a professional! (Buffy, Zatanna, drabble)

Marvel Comics
Bar Bill
There ain’t no such thing as a night off when you live on the Hellmouth. (Faith/Iron Man)
Elements of the Fantastic
If Faith had to be stuck in a vamp overrun world with a bunch of superheroes, the Fantastic Four would definitely have been her first choice. (drabble series, Fantastic Four)

Multiple Crossings
Other Surnames That Dawn Never Had
Those wacky monks came pretty close to putting Dawn in some other family. Just imagine if she'd been an Addams, Bartlett, Bristow, Goodwin, or a Kent... (Originally a 10 things drabble challenge, but severely expanded.)

Running Though A Winter Wonderland
Something was annoying Giles about that last translation of his. (drabble)

Hunter, Prey
There’s something out there in the jungle with Graham and his men. And it’s hunting them… (Part of Jinni’s 20 minutes with Graham Challenge.)

Resident Evil
Poor Gavin
Things got worse for Gavin after he died. Poor Gavin. (20 minutes with Gavin challenge)

Seven Days
Executive Non-Orders
Looks like the expected mission isn’t a go.
Plan B
Government controlled Time Travel can prove to be particularly useful occasionally. Even if the President is the only one who knows why.

Star Trek : Next Generation
To Boldly Go
Angelus, a dark castle, and the bridge crew of the USS Enterprise. He’s got no idea what’s going on, but someone’s going to pay for it. (20 Minutes with Angelus challenge)

Conversations With Military People
Amy Madison and General Hammond have an interesting chat. (20 minutes with Amy challenge)
Don't Speak
The aftermath of a business lunch between Samantha Carter and Wesley Wyndham-Price. (Pure PWP)
Passing On
Daniel had promised her that he’d give Dennis the message. (20 minutes with Dennis challenge)
Run That By Me Again, Willya?
People meet up in the strangest places. (Faith, Thor, Jack O'Neill double drabble)

The "Neighbours From Hell(mouth)" series
Two Earths, separated in space and universes. Some groups of people really shouldn't ever meet each other. Like the Scoobies and SG-1 for example...
1) Just Passing Through
Stargate Command has a few uninvited guests. Major General Hammond has to make a report afterwards.
2) Just Popping Back
The aftermath of the Scoobies first visit to Stargate Command.
3) Just Shoot Me
4) Bad For Your Elf

Stephanie Plum
Plum Knocked Out
Stephanie’s latest bail bondee is proving a little difficult to handle. (20 minutes with Gwen challenge)

With Relish
Faith always was the welcoming kind. (drabble)

The Destroyer
The Watcher and the Master
While Remo and Buffy face off, Chiun and Clem discuss their mutual tastes. (20 minutes with Clem challenge)

Agents of the C.O.A : More Like Linda McCartney
When the Crossing Over Awards need help they call the C.O.A. The elite agents of the Cross Over Agency do more crossovers before breakfast than most people do all day. (Part of the great TTH round robin).

Veronica Mars
Vengeance is a Cold Thing
Veronica’s visitor has just one thing on their mind.
Very Good Friends Come Up With Alibis
If there was anyone that could get Lily out of this mess, it was Veronica. (Drabble series, based on a TTH challenge)

West Wing
The President’s Daughter is Missing
Anne’s got this new girl at the shelter, whose looks strongly resemble the pictures on the news broadcast. (20 minutes with Anne challenge)

Tangled Web
Andrew has to deal with a sniper by himself. Fox Mulder’s dealing with one of the most criminal minds he’s ever encountered. Just what connects these two people? (20 minutes with Andrew challenge)

The morning after. (Oz and Logan drabble)
Worthington Industries are having very hush-hush talks with David Nabbit’s companies. Time for the two CEOs to talk face to face. (20 minutes with David Nabbit challenge)
New Dance Partner
You never know who you’re going to bump into at the mall. Vampires, Slayers and mutants with red glasses. (20 minutes with Buffy challenge)
Not many people ever got to see the insecure girl behind the brash front. But sometimes you just had to reach out and trust someone. (Faith/Rogue)

And of course, there has to be one crossover that needs its own special entry:
Buffyverse/Biggles/Torchwood/The Avengers/The Goodies/Life On Mars/Buffyverse
Six Degrees of Connection
Over the years, it’s surprising just how many lives a simple photograph can touch.

~ + ~

Pure Buffyverse stories

buffyverse1000 stories
A Very Good Morning
Faith's pretty sure she did wake up. It's just that she certainly wasn't expecting this... (Faith/Willow/Xander)
Lilah has an interesting conversation with Justine in an LA diner.
It’s Prom night. Cordelia has her new dress and is feeling particularly grateful. (Cordelia/Xander)
Playing Away
The first field trip for one of the New Council’s Away Teams goes well. It’s the celebrating afterwards that gets out of hand… (Dawn/Faith/Willow)
If you can't be with the one you love.... (Amy/Tara)
The Annual Scoobies/Angel Investigations Jenny Calendar Memorial Gang-Bang
Dawn certainly wasn't expecting this. (Angel/Anya/Buffy/Cordy/Fred/Giles/Gunn/Spike/Tara/Wes/Willow/Xander)

Longer fics
Assault And Battery of the Heart
All Faith wants is a nice quiet day to day existence to figure out who she is and what she wants. Then in walked Gwen. (Faith/Gwen)
Faith has a yearning for chocolate cake. Dawn, on the other hand, has quite a different appetite to feed. (Faith/Dawn)
Divide And Conquer
Amy’s got some thinking to do, and a hard decision to make.
It should have been a routine field mission in the Canadian Rockies. (Dawn/Willow and Kennedy)
Guess You Had To Be There
It's the thing! With the stuff! And the tendrils!
I Really Don’t Like Mondays
An ordinary working day for Angel at Wolfram & Hart.
It’s a Big Rock
Dark Willow does things a little differently. (ficathon entry, Oz)
Letting Go (The Dead Slayer Remix)
Life goes on, even when you’re dead. (Remix/Redux ficathon re-working of megthelegend’s ‘Bulletproof’. Kennedy-centric, Willow/Xander)
Murder at the Watchers Council, part 1, part 2.
Giles and Faith – together they solve crimes. Could this be the dawning of a new detective partnership?
The Slayer In Question
The other side of 'The Girl In Question', and what really happened in Italy.
Xander Harris never thought he’d end up in a place like this, and certainly not with Faith. When the past comes crashing back into his life, what future will he have left?
Sweet Thing, You Make My Heart Sing
Spike sings Karaoke. Not the worst thing that’s happened that evening, but probably the final straw.
Ten Things That Never Happened in the BtVS Fandom
Some spells are stronger and further reaching than you’d think. (Dawn centric - highly meta)
The Goddess, The Minions and The Receptionist
Not all cases ever reached Angel. First they had to get past Cordelia.
When I Kissed The Watcher
Faith, and Giles alone in a graveyard, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…. Well, actually a lot more than that.

Alpha Slayer
Alpha Slayer
Now that everything is starting to settle down in Cleveland, Faith thinks it's about time she redefines her relationship with Kennedy.
Trick Or Treat
It was getting harder and harder for Faith to find the time to spend with her new toy Kennedy. Not that it stopped her of course.....
Just a quiet little shopping trip, right? A nice afternoon out with your girlfriend, right? Kennedy is so wrong.

Drabbles, and short ficlets
Gnome is Where The Heart Is
Anya reflects on her past.
Not all prisons are bricks and mortar. (Faith centric drabble)
Step By Step
Faith has a list, she’s checking it twice. Hopefully, they’ve all been naughty. A femmeslash six drabble series.
There's more than one type of watcher. (drabble, Angelus)

~ + ~

Other universes

All informants have to be paid in some way or form. Everything has a price, even if it’s not one you understand fully to start with. (Sark/Sydney)

Wacky Rooftop Hijinks
Only one man can stop the latest problem in Gotham City. However, Batman’s running late, so enter Jack Harkness.

Blackpool/Doctor Who
Double Take
Just another ordinary day in Blackpool, capital of the north.

Doctor Who
102 Uses for a Sonic Screwdriver
Co-written with tthjinni, with her doing the odd numbered parts, and me the evens. A continuing saga of smut, sonic screwdrivers, sex-swops and snogs.
Part 52

Five Times the Doctor Visited the Same Place
Everyone reacts very differently to the same simuli. Maybe it just depends on who you’re with… (drabble series)
It's A Dirty Job
What exactly does a Time Agent do, anyway? Captain Jack explains all.
What about those people swept up in the Doctor’s trail? People have a nasty habit of dying when he’s around.
On the Care And Feeding Of Time Lords (La Gherardini Overdrive Remix)
Wrong Universe, wrong Time Lord. Like Rose Tyler’s gonna let that stop her…
One Night
One night of quiet reflection from the Doctor leads to love. (Rose/Ten)
Role Play
What do you do on the day after Doomsday? Try to hang onto as much of the past as you can if your name is Rose Tyler. (Rose/Mickey/Jake, smut, crack!fic)
Silence Is Golden
Rose really should have known better. (Rose/Ten)
Special Delivery
She always got something every Valentine’s Day. (Sarah Jane Smith double drabble)
Support Network
The Doctor’s passing through affects some people a lot more than others. You really do have to be there at the time to understand later.
The Human Factor
Daleks and Humans. Never should the twain meet.
Two Sides To Everything
Ninth Doctor and Rose drabble.
Victoria's Cross
On the run with Queen Victoria. A missing scene from 2.02 Tooth And Claw.

Doctor Who/Fantastic Four
Another Day, Another Dictator
Romana makes a new friend in Latveria. (drabble)

Doctor Who/Supernatural
Not Going Anywhere
Sam and Dean are not happy. (Drabble)

Doctor Who/Veronica Mars
Worst. Companion. Ever.
In retrospect, Adam was looking like quite a decent companion compared to Logan Echolls.

Safety First!
John Crichton re-discovers the worst person to be stuck in space with.

The Seventh Friend
He hadn't expected this. (drabble)

Harry Potter
Plane Insane
Not all of Draco’s ideas were good ones.
The Weasel and the Malfoy
(part one, part two, part three, part four, part five)
Just what do you do on the night after Harry Potter defeats Voldemort? Sometimes the unlikeliest couples are formed. And just what do you do on the morning after the night after the fall of Voldemort?

Harry Potter/Veronica Mars
Chips Off the Old Block
Logan Echolls and Draco Malfoy walk into a bar….

Stargate SG-1
Bored, Bored, Bored
Sometimes Cameron thinks Vala’s adapted to Earth a little too quickly.
Didn’t See That Coming
Colonel O’Neill has quite the surprise. (drabble)
Not A Dream
Even little gray aliens screw-up. (Sam Carter drabble)

Stargate SG-1/Will & Grace
Will & Goa'uld
SG-1 are out of their depth. Really, really out of their depth.

Stephanie Plum
Eight Insurance Claims
Just an ordinary stake-out, right? Maybe I should have concentrated on my job more…. (PWP)

The Terminator/The Tick
Tick for President!
The Terminator runs into The Tick. Wacky Hijinks ensue.

Long Week
Some weeks dragged more than others. (double drabble)
Shag or Die!
“Shag or die!” All things considered, not exactly the best threat to offer the unkillable Jack Harkness. (Ficathon entry)
Underneath It All....
Jack’s deepest, darkest secret is known only to one man : Ianto Jones. (Crack!fic)
Upon The Uses Of Unkillability
Occasionally this curse of Jack’s turned out helpful. (Captain Jack Harkness drabble)

Veronica Mars
Educating Veronica
Some morning after’s are more different than others. (Veronica/Van Clemmons)

Wow. That was a lot more posted than I thought I'd done so far. And yet still more to come...
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