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Old Friends, New Adventures, parts 9 and 10 (Buffy/Doctor Who cross, Ten, Dawn, rated 15)

Title: Old Friends, New Adventures, parts 9 and 10
Rating: 15
Setting: Post-season 4 for Ten, waaaaay after Chosen for Dawn.
Characters: The Tenth Doctor, Dawn and a couple of OC’s later.
Word count: 721 and 1048.
Disclaimer: They’re not mine. They’re not Morag’s either.
Summary: Dawn, the Doctor, and the rest of our merry band discover even more hazards of traveling in the TARDIS when you're also the Key to all worlds.
The third in the A Girl and Her Time Lord series.

Author's Notes: Yet again, written by myself and moragmacpherson cliffhanger style, desperately trying to stump each other. She does the first part in each post, I do the second. Part One, for those interested, can be found here.

Part 9 - The Fix is In

“The shields on the TARDIS will protect us,” muttered Dawn. “The shields on the TARDIS will protect us,” she repeated.

Clark arched his brow ridge. “Are you thure you’re willing to bet on that?”

Dawn eyed the figures on the monitor. “Pretty sure. That just looks like C-4. They’d need a couple of nuclear weapons to dent the front door. This thing is built to withstand the hearts of suns. Their conventional weaponry doesn’t stand a chance.”

“Then why are you holding Emort tho tight that hith eyeth are bulging out?” asked Clark.

“Oh geeze, sorry Emort.” Dawn replaced the vole on top of the console. “Still, it’s enough to keep us locked inside. Looks like they’re rigging the explosive to go off if we open the door. We’d have to crack it and then shut the door mighty quick in order to miss the blowback.” Dawn grinned. “Just how quick of a draw were you back on Mbatanoss?”

Clark tipped his hat. “One of the fathtetht gunth on the planet.”


“So have you two had a funny feeling about your superiors lately?” asked the Doctor.

The two guards exchanged looks. “They’ve been a bit off since we brought in whatever’s in that room,” said the shorter one.

The taller one added, “It wasn’t until after that that the Cybermen and Daleks started to appear.” He shrugged. “We figured that it was the pressure of the problem.”

The Doctor shook his head. “No sirree, Bob.” He stopped. “Neither of you is a Bob, are you?” The shorter one hesitantly raised his hand. “Well then, Bob, what you have here is a foothold situation. Your superiors have been captured and cloned by a rather nasty race known as the Zygons. Either of you ever read the files on them?”

The taller one volunteered, “Aye, that was the one with the Loch Ness monster, right?” Bob shot him a look. “I grew up in Fort Augustus, I had a personal interest.” The Doctor tilted his head. “I mean, aye, the Zygons can clone people and grow rather than build their machinery.”

A wide grin broke out on the Doctor’s face. “Well done, not-Bob. So, what’s the standard procedure when your chain of command has been compromised?”


Sergeant Todd Artzweil had a funny feeling about these orders. As far as he knew, the Doctor had always been a friend to UNIT and wouldn’t take very kindly to them wrapping his personal method of transport in high explosives. But Captain Magambo had been very specific about what to do if the door was locked, so here he was.

That was when the little phone on the blue box started ringing. He ignored it. It kept ringing. His men started exchanging significant looks. Finally he overcame his fear of putting his face next to two hundred pounds of high explosive and picked up the receiver. He managed a shaky, “Hello?”

“Are you the commander of those men?” came the tinny voice.

Todd cleared his throat, “Yes, that’s me.”

“You have twenty seconds to clear this room.”

After hearing that, nothing in the universe could have kept him there. His men didn’t require any orders to follow after him, the last private out having the presence of mind to slam the door shut behind them. They all huddled around the corner while Todd finished his countdown. “Three, two, one...” After a moment, the wall shuddered from the force of the explosion, but held firm.

No one moved. Well, not for another minute or so. That’s when the giant lizard opened the door and they all turned tail and fled.


The Doctor, Bob, and Arthur (the tall one) marched along to the command room. Arthur had mentioned that it had been placed off limits at around the same time as their superior officers started acting funny. The two soldiers gripped their weapons with sweaty palms.
Even though they had the authority of the Doctor behind them, it went against their grain to disobey direct orders. When they arrived, to their great relief, no one was guarding the doors.

Even so, they let the Doctor open the door himself.

There they were, his friend Martha, Captain Magambo, and Captain John Hart, all of their heads covered in plastic domes, ganglia clinging to their limbs. Now the Doctor well and truly had a case of the willies.*
*5.0 – Being required to appear before a council of Time Lords and having to wear the full regalia. Including that collar.

Part 10 - Infiltrations And Complications

“And now…. glasses back on, beret at a rakish tilt, and slip out to join in with the confused UNIT personnel,” said Dawn briskly, patting Clark on the back, “If that’s alright with you, Private Kent?”

“At leatht I can claim I wath only following orderth, Thergeant Thummers,” said a despondent Clark. “If any of thothe explothions have damaged the TARDITH, then I know who the Doctor’ll be blaming.”

“Chicken.” Dawn quickly stuck her beret-wearing head around the hole in the wall and scanned the area. “C’mon!” she hissed at Clark and clambered through.

She emerged into the middle of a number of confused Unit troops and one very dazed Sergeant Todd Artzweil. Concussion and a flying half-brick from the explosion had seen to that. The UNIT raspberry berets were all very stylish and all, but sometimes you just wanted a nice, thick helmet like the Yanks did, he thought dazedly.

“Alright, everyone calm down!” yelled Dawn, and pointed at the nearest soldier. “You! And you! Either side of that hole in the wall immediately!”

“Yes, Sergeant!” her victims shouted, saluted her and took up positions, relieved to have someone around who sounded like they knew what they were doing.

Quickly noting the names on everyone’s chests, Dawn moved forward into the room more. “Sitwell! Woo! Dugan! Go round to the other side and make sure this isn’t a distraction while someone tries to break in from the other side.”

Her eyes narrowed as she saw Sgt Artzweil wavering slightly where he stood. “Jones, take the Sergeant to medbay stat. That concussion looks nasty.” Private Jones nodded, and began escorting the still dazed Sergeant away.

The remaining two soldiers looked at Dawn uncertainly. “Maam?” one asked.

“Quartermain, you and Fury can start forming a barricade here from the debris and the neighbouring offices. Obviously, something’s up and I want you to keep the Doctor’s TARDIS safe from anyone until further notice. No-one is allowed to approach it unless I’m there with them. Got it?”

“Yes, Sergeant Summers!” they shouted and jumped to work.

“I’d better report in about this new invasion,” remarked Dawn deliberately off-hand. “Remind me, who gave the orders for the TARDIS move again?”

“Captain Magambo, maam. She’s over in the Command Centre,” said Private Quatermain, looking up from where he was dragging a large chunk of broken masonry across the floor. “New invasion, maam? You mean that lizard?”

“Oh, crap,” moaned Private Fury besides him, “Not the damn Silurians again?”

“….It could well be,” said Dawn, thinking on her feet again. “Kent? You’re with me.”

When Clark failed to move, she snapped her fingers twice in front of his face. “Helloooo? Kent? You’re with me, Private!

Clark quickly scrambled to attention. “Yeth, maam,” he shouted back, before following her away from the corridor.

Three corners later, he looked at the smirking Dawn with admiration. “You really are the motht frightfully good liar, you know. How did you get tho good at ordering tholdiers around?”

“Channeled my inner-Buffy,” Dawn said glancing around the building with a puzzled look on her face, “Pretended they were all mini-slayers in need of a good spanking. Though with less speeches than Buffy usually uses.”

She stopped and looked around at all the corridors branching off from their current locale. All of which were unmarked. “So, which way is the Command Centre anyhow?”

~ + ~

In the afore-mentioned Command Centre, the Doctor stood staring at the wall containing the alcoves with his friends in them.

“Captain….no, Major Price, Captain Magambo, John… I’m sorry. So, so sorry,” he whispered, passing along the row. “But where’s Martha…?”

“Sir?” coughed Bob from over by the door, “Should we… you know, be doing something?”

The Doctor lowered the rucksack on his back slowly down to the ground. “Yes,” he said slowly, his face locked in a furious, determined expression. “I need you and Arthur to look after this very, very carefully while I try to do something about these poor unfortunates.”

~ + ~

Inside the rucksack, a ganglia detached itself from the crystal it was connected to. Blackened and withered, it dropped down to the bottom of the pack where the other remains were.

~ + ~

Inside the TARDIS, a light on the control panel blinked ever more frequently.

Anyone present would have understood that the rate of decay on the Postbiological Enviromental Network Integrated System was increasing more and more, leading to an ever shorter interval before the void broke through, dragging the Cybermen and Daleks with them.

On top of the TARDIS console, Emort yawned, and turned over in his sleep.

~ + ~

Glasses back on, the Doctor studied the alcoves carefully; four of them, three occupied. Grand total of four Zygons out there, maybe? Unless there was another imprint site hidden away somewhere…. After all, that Postbiological Enviromental Network Integrated System had come from a spaceship originally.

As much as he wanted to free the captives from their imprisonment, he was still rusty on his old organic crystallography and the very thought of what interrupted neural feedback could do to their brains made his willies rise even higher.*

But what about Martha? Where was she? Could they have found out that she’d been managing to use those little mental tricks he’d taught her along the way to give them false information?

Where was she?

He looked carefully at the neighbouring wall, then over by the spot where the nervous Bob and Arthur were standing. Definitely a different colour tone over here. He took out the sonic screwdriver, and carefully tuned it in to the sound of the low vibration he could feel running through the deck.

A section of wall suddenly and silently slid upwards beside the sleeping Captain John Hart. There, inside, crumpled to the ground was…


~ + ~

Back in the maze of corridors, Clark scratched his chin reflectively. “Thurely, there mutht be thome thort of guide to where the Command Centre actually ith?” He sniffed the air, and frowned. “I’ll just try down this corridor a bit,” he said abruptly, and disappeared.

Left alone, Dawn almost kicked the wall in frustration. Then she suddenly jumped as Captain John Hart strode out of the corridor to her right. “Dawn?” he said, stopping and staring at her, sounding confused.

“John!” exclaimed Dawn with great relief and hugged him. “Are you okay? The Doctor’s alright? You know about the Daleks and Cybermen due any time?”

John pulled himself away from the embrace, and regarded her thoughtfully. “Oh, don’t you worry about a thing,” he smirked, “I think everything’s working itself out just fine.”

5.4 willies : The fear that one day he’d call Rose Tyler ‘Jackie’.

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