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Torchwood Five : The First Day Blues (2/3)

Title: Torchwood Five : The First Day Blues (2/3)
Rating: 15
Setting: After Torchwood – Children of Earth

Characters: Gwen, Bridget Spears, Lois Habiba
Word count: 618
Disclaimer: Not mine. Hail the BBC.

Part one - Gwen, Johnson and Hart

Part 2 - Lois Habiba

Lois Habiba stared at the display before her.

She’d been expecting almost anything on her first day at Torchwood Five. She’d read the files, studied pictures of all the alien tech Johnson’s mob of soldiers had recovered from the remains of Torchwood Three, even scanned the data files Gwen had managed to recover.

When she agreed to come in and make a difference, she guessed that she’d be slotting straight into the departed Ianto Jones’s shoes. After all, in every office she’d ever worked in so far the main person in charge desperately needed that PA. Someone to organise their schedule, make the right phone calls and of course to make the coffee.

But this….? Lois had never expected this.

Forty-five different blends of coffee, three different types of sugar and a coffee machine that had most definitely been adapted to use alien tech.

How the hell had Ianto Jones even been able to produce one cup of coffee out of this kludge she had no idea.

And just what were the odds of all this stuff surviving the explosion in the Hub, when loads of precious, rare and irreplaceable alien tech hadn’t? Dekker was up there in the labs, almost crying over the damage done, and she had to

Gwen entered the office, two fingers pressed to her brow in obvious headache pain. Her face lit up in delight as she looked over towards Lois. “Oh, that’s bloody marvellous!” she exclaimed in sheer joy.

Despite herself, Lois found herself responding to that wide-eyed joy, and smiled back. “I’m glad to be here too, Gwen.”

“I’m dying for a cuppa,” Gwen continued, “White, two sugars please. I’ll be in my office with Bridget.”

She sailed off into the inner office, collecting the cool and unruffled Bridget Spears along the way. “First thing we have to do Bridget, is send out an internal memo : No shooting co-workers. File it under health and safety for all I care…”

Lois sulkily stared at the coffee machine. Fine. Just her versus the alien tech coffee machine then, was it? Man versus machine versus aliens. Or something like that.

First day in a new office tended to go like this. Just focus on one job at a time and not that your new boss is being a complete and utter bi- -

“Oh, Lois! I’m so sorry – I completely forgot,” Gwen babbled, sticking her head back round the door.

Lois brightened up. Maybe this wasn’t going to be your typical Monday after all. “Yes, Gwen?” she asked in her best bright and cheery, able to do anything asked voice.

“There’s a pool of blood over on the south side of the main hub where Johnson just shot Captain John Hart. Can you see about getting it cleaned up before someone slips in it?”

Lois blinked several times, but still managed to keep the smile firmly in place. “I think I can see to that, yes,” she agreed.

“Wonderful!” said Gwen brightly and disappeared back into the inner office. Her voice drifted outwards as Lois glared at the coffee machine. “…..what is Johnson’s first name anyway? C’mon Bridget… it’s got to be on her personnel files somewhere.”

The alien coffee machine suddenly spat out a gust of heated steam, along with a high pitched whistle which meant Lois missed Bridget’s reply.

“….no, really?” Gwen said disbelievingly. “No wonder she threatens to shoot anyone who finds out.”

Lois had figured out where the coffee went in, and where the water actually boiled by now but there didn’t seem to be any logical reason or connection between the two areas. Tentatively, she prodded one of the unmarked buttons.

A spray of cappachino froth shot out all across her new blouse.

Lois growled and reached beneath her desk for the large spanner Dekker had given to her earlier, grinning from side to side.

Bloody Mondays.

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Tags: fandom - torchwood
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