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Together Again For The First Time, parts 11 and 12 (Ten, Dawn, rated 15, Buffy/Doctor Who cross)

Title: Together Again For The First Time, parts 11 and 12
Rating: 15
Setting: Post-season 4 for Ten, way after Chosen for Dawn.
Characters: The Tenth Doctor, Dawn and a couple of OC’s later.
Word count: 1082 and 504
Disclaimer: They’re not mine. They’re not Morag’s either.
Summary: The Doctor and his new companions (a one-time ex-mystical key, a seven foot tall lizard and a vole) don't quite arrive where they were aiming for. Second in the A Girl and Her Time Lord series, and sequel to Things to Do When the Universe Ends.

Author's Notes: Written by myself and moragmacpherson cliffhanger style, desperately trying to stump each other. I do the first part in each post, she does the second.

Part 11 - The Sour Aftertaste

There was a slight fall of a couple of meters before Jack, John and Dawn all hit the darkness together. And splashed.

“Yuck!” spat Dawn as she pulled herself up from the new liquid they’d just landed in. “Blackcurrant!”

“Mmmmm…” murmured Captain Jack, delicately licking his finger. “Tasty, though not mixing too well with the banana,” he said staring up at the hole in the wall above them, now spraying yellow banana concentrate at a steady and fast rate. Already, the liquid around them had risen to waist height and the torrent in showed no signs of abating any time soon.

“This…. could be a problem,” Captain John said, staring at a readout on his wrist computer. “Looks like we’re right in the middle of all the supply sources, nearly all of which have been ruptured by now.”

Dawn looked up from reassuring Emort, “Which means, exactly?”

Jack frowned. “Which means, whichever way we go now, we’re only going to get in deeper- -“

~ + ~

“Thhift!” roared Clark as he pushed a particularly truculent filing cabinet in front of the main entrance to the jail. “Move, you little bugger!”

“That should do it for the moment, Clark,” said the Doctor absently, resuming his work at the Judoon computer system, “I’m almost in.”

“Good,” said Clark with satisfaction, and stood back regarding the makeshift barricade he’d just fastened out of the jail’s few freestanding fittings. Amazing just how heavy (and reinforced!) those Judoon chairs were. Giving the filing cabinet one last kick, he rejoined the Doctor.

The Time Lord in question was quickly and expertly breaking into and scrolling through every file on the Judoon system he could get access to. “Any luck with Dawn and the otherth yet, Doctor?” rumbled Clark.

“Not yet, but I can still feel her in the back of my head. She’s still alive, though I couldn’t half murder a blackcurrant dacquiri now.” The Doctor stiffened suddenly as he entered a new section of the database. “Aha! Well, at least we can do something about the TARDIS now,” he said, fingers flying across the controls.

“Logging the trajectory of the TARDITH, and getting the Judoon to thave it?” Clark said, leaning forward to study the console. “Thmart idea.”

“Reporting it as a ‘mysterious item worthy of investigation’ should be sufficient. They’ll bring it in for questioning,” grinned the Doctor. He looked at Clark appraisingly, “You’re a lot smarter than the average lizard.”

Clark grinned back, showing all his teeth. “Mama didn’t raithe no dumb cluckth.”

~ + ~

“Omigod! Just how stupid are you two?” yelled Dawn, rolling her eyes yet again.

From where all three of them were now perched on top of the remains of one of the blackcurrant storage tanks, the rising tide of the mixed concentrates was still getting nearer and nearer.

Jack shared a look with John. John shrugged after a while, and turned to Dawn. “Listen nib… what is with that, anyway? Why the hell do I want to call you niblet and your lanky mate a complete wanker?”

Jack coughed.

“But I digress,” John smoothly carried on, “By any strange chance do you have an idea of how to get us out of this current predicament?”

“’Wanker’” repeated Dawn, as the side of her mouth twitched and she resisted breaking out into a complete laughing fit, “that’s so Spike.”

Jack coughed again, and nodded down towards the concentrate.

“Oh yeah,” Dawn said abashedly, “You guys are idiots.”

“You said that already,” Captain John couldn’t resist pointing out.

“And will doubtless be said again in the future. Anyhow, you two are thinking too two-d. We’re surrounded by the other tanks sure, but what’s underneath us?”

John looked stunned for a moment, then tapped away on the wrist computer. “Machinery spaces, more storage, mostly empty stuff.”

Dawn looked triumphant. “So, the next hole you shoot….”

“….is in the floor!” Captain John said and impulsively hugged her.

Jack coughed yet again. Twice this time. Dawn and John quickly sprung apart, and John pulled out his sonic blaster. Leaning out as far over the edge as he could go, he fired twice at the congealed mass rising towards them.

There was no noticeable change for a moment, then a shudder seemed to run through the concentrate and it slowly began to shrink downwards. A vortex point slowly formed in the centre of the room as the concentrate was sucked away.

“Yes!” Dawn screamed and pumped her fist in delight. “We did it!” she yelled, exchanging a high five with John.

“Just one thing left to do then,” said Jack, and punched Emort’s travel sphere hard out of Dawn’s grip. The sphere flew away over the edge and landed in the flowing concentrate.

“What the fuck?!” screamed Dawn and tried to go after Emort, only to be grabbed by Captain Jack.

~ + ~

“And while I’m here,” said the Doctor cheerfully, “Let’s unlock that security lockout on Jack’s ship…”

His face fell, as the console flashed up a new set of related images. “No, no this can’t be…”

~ + ~

“Why? WHY?” screamed Dawn as Emort’s sphere vanished out of sight.

“Can’t have a Mbatanossite Prairie Vole lurking around three hundred years after going extinct, can we? Screws up the timelines severely, doesn’t it, John?”

Captain John nodded, and turned to his wrist computer again. “Lockout on the ship’s been dropped, more than past time we were gone from here. Mission’s done and dusted, and we’ll get a bonus for the vole.”

“Mission?” Dawn repeated, a horrifying idea growing in her mind.

Jack’s grip on her tightened. “Oh yeah,” his amused voice sounded hollowly in her ear, “That whole Oskerians/Loosilians scrap should have started three or four weeks back, but an unexpected outbreak of peace messed up the whole local timeline.”

“You mean…” Dawn gasped.

“It’s what a Time Agent does, luv,” smirked John.

~ + ~

The Doctor stared at the computer screen.

There, in front of his eyes, was Captain Jack Harkness and Captain John Hart, both shooting up a Loosilian ship in dock, dressed in Oskerian clothing.

The screen kept flashing a message below the repeating footage. ”Warning : Do not approach. Suspects are armed and extremely dangerous!”

“Doctor?” rumbled Clark with concern.

“Time Agents. They did it, Clark,” the Doctor said blankly, “They started this whole fight off deliberately, just to do something to protect their precious timeline.”

His head suddenly snapped round to Clark. “And now Dawn’s alone with them!”

Part 12 - Get By With a Little Help

Dawn scratched and bit as they dragged her along. “What do you think you’re doing with me?”

“Making sure you don’t stick around to mess up this time line,” said Jack.

“We just have this nagging feeling that we’re supposed to keep an eye on you,” added John. Jack gave him a cross look. “Well, at least I’m having that feeling. This place is about to fall apart under our feet. As a Time Lady, you count as an endangered species, but unlike your vole, you’re not out of time. We’ll get you to the safety of our ship.”

At that moment, they watched a large piece of bulkhead fell to the ground behind them, so Dawn acceded to this logic for the remainder of the trip back to the hangar deck. As they arrived at the hangar, Dawn wrested her arm away. “You two! You’re the ones responsible for this whole thing. You sabotaged the Loosilian ship!”

Jack ignored her, continuing to run to his ship, but John halted. “The Oskerians had to attack! If they don’t gain control of the Bluth Company, you don’t want to know the consequences.”

Dawn put her hands on her hips. “Try me.”

“The Bluth Company will win the contracts for the Tau Ceti colony. Twenty million people, pet. Think about having twenty million innocent civilians in colony modules built like this. It takes them a decade to find all of the bodies.”

Dawn faltered. “That... that sort of makes sense.”

John put a hand on her shoulder. “It’s not because I like war, although the bits with explosions are fun, I’ll give you that. The Time Agency only intervenes when the situation is dire. You tell me that we’re any different than you Time Lords.”

“There’s a world of difference!” shouted the Doctor as he and Clark entered, still dripping in mixed concentrate, Emort’s travel sphere tucked underneath the Doctor’s arms. “Sorry we’re late, we had to take a short detour to rescue our pet.”

“Emort!” Dawn squealed, but John held her back.

“We did the right thing, Freckles,” said John. “With the Time Lords gone, who else is supposed to monitor the time lines? The Shadow Proclamation? They still employ Judoon.”

“Did you have to stop it with a war?” asked Dawn. “Couldn’t you have found some other way to take down the company? Like, I dunno, an expose on the shoddy construction in this space module?”

Now John faltered. “I – uh, but this is how the company is supposed to self-destruct. It’s in all the history books!”

Clark shook his head. “Do you really believe everything that you read in the hithtory bookth?”

John looked like he was about to concede when Jack taxied by in their ship. “Sorry John, but you’re going to have to find your own way home.” With that, the porthole shut and Jack flew off into space.

John turned white. “The sonovabitch abandoned me!”
Tags: a girl and her time lord, characters - dawn (btvs), characters - jack harkness (dw), characters - tenth doctor (dw), fandom - buffyverse, fandom - doctor who, x-posted - twisting the hellmouth

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