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Together Again For The First Time, parts 7 and 8 (Ten, Dawn, rated 15, Buffyverse/Doctor Who cross)

Title: Together Again For The First Time, parts 7 and 8
Rating: 15
Setting: Post-season 4 for Ten, way after Chosen for Dawn.
Characters: The Tenth Doctor, Dawn and a couple of OC’s later.
Word count: 639 and 504
Disclaimer: They’re not mine. They’re not Morag’s either.
Summary: The Doctor and his new companions (a one-time ex-mystical key, a seven foot tall lizard and a vole) don't quite arrive where they were aiming for. Second in the A Girl and Her Time Lord series, and sequel to Things to Do When the Universe Ends.

Author's Notes: Written by myself and moragmacpherson cliffhanger style, desperately trying to stump each other. I do the first part in each post, she does the second.

Part 7 - Gunfight at the OC Hanger Deck

The Doctor’s response was short, sweet and to the point. Dawn, who still had her old abilities to learn languages, carefully memorised what she assumed had to be a particularly potent Old Gallifreyian swearword.

“That blue box your transport then, Doc?” smirked Captain John. “Looks like you got yourself a bit of a problem.”

“…You sure you haven’t got a black leather trenchcoat hanging around in your wardrobe somewhere?” asked Dawn, staring at the very familiar cocky expression on Captain John’s face.

“Black leather, yes. Trenchcoat, no. And you have my personal word of honour on that,” said Jack briskly, tapping out a series of commands on a nearby control panel. The screen was cracked, but the sounds as Jack navigated the system proved it still worked. “Looks like the valet parked it over in Alpha-Delta-Four. Slight walk, but that’ll just give us time to discuss how we’re going to swop transport to your box thing for that vole.”

Dawn stared at him in disbelief. “Ohmigod! Do you ever stop!?!?”

“No,” said the Doctor and Captain John simultaneously, and looked at each other. Clark brightened right up.

A discordant noise issued from the control panel. “That’s odd,” said Jack thoughtfully, “Some sort of security lockout on the ship? You’d think they’d love to let people evacuate the place when it’s like this.”

As if in answer, another tremor ran through the decking beneath them. Far off, the sound of debris crashing down echoed.

“We better get moving, whatever you guyth decide in the end,” said Clark thoughtfully. “Thith is not going to end well ith you thpend all your time thanding around in here arguing.”

The Doctor nodded, and Jack joined him as the group moved off together. Behind them, there was a pleasant chime, and the lift doors opened.

A group of about ten Judoon stepped out, looking even more pissed off than normal. The leader stepped forward, adjusted the datapad in his hand and pointed at the humanoids in front of him. “Bo! Sco! Fo! Do! No! Kro!”

The other nine Judoon nodded, took out their blasters and opened fire.

“Move it!” yelled Jack, dragging Dawn down to the side and quickly behind the edge of a spaceship. The Judoon shots hissed through the space where they’d been only seconds ago. Jack and John both pulled out weapons and started shooting back.

Then the Judoon lowered their heads and charged.

“Language Designation : EarthEnglish. Attention Lawbreakers : You Are Under Arrest,” boomed the Judoon leader.

Jack flashed Dawn a quick grin as he stuck his head out briefly and got off a few shots towards the Judoon before the replying salvo made him duck back in. “They take shoplifting really seriously here.”

“….omigod,” whispered Dawn staring guiltily at the ring on her hand, “It’s like I’m one all over again. I am so not going to use the W word.”

Jack looked at her in what might have been an impressed way. “You were shoplifting when you were one?”

“Less talk, a little more shooting back please,” snapped Dawn, as she started looking around for a way out.

Over the other side of the hanger, the Doctor slowly crept around a pile of machinery, trying to get a good view of where everyone else had scattered to. Spotting a ladder, he swiftly climbed to get an overview of the hanger deck.

Aha. There was Jack and Dawn (and probably Emort. The Doctor couldn’t see either Jack or Dawn letting the poor vole out of their sight) together over that side. Clark and Captain John were pinned down over by the entrance, but okay.

And that… that was definitely a gun barrel pressed against the side of his head. “Ah.”

“Mo! Gro! Lo So!”

The Judoon fired.

Part 8 - Ganging Aft Agley

Dawn saw the Doctor crumple to the ground and screamed. More fire came over their makeshift barricade, then ceased.

“Who are these guys?” she whispered.

“Judoon.” Jack grinned. “Figures that the Loosilians would hire them to run security. It’s just our bad luck that by their standards, you’re guilty.”

“I didn’t shoplift. I fell!”

“You really want to try that with them?” Jack risked another peek. “Huh?”

Dawn grabbed his arm. “What do you mean, ‘huh’?”

Jack eased back down. “Well, they blasted your Time Lord friend in the head. About now we should be seeing the legendary Time Lord regeneration light show, but he just appears to be unconscious. They must be using the stun setting.”

In fact, the Judoon standing over the Doctor was looking down the barrel of his gun, tapping the stock of it with his hand and cursing. His commander stomped over to him. “Why did you shoot this prisoner?”

“He was guilty of trying to evade Judoon forces. I was attempting to execute him, but the power supply on my blaster seems to be weak. The Loosilians have provided us with inferior armaments.”

The commander snorted. “Typical. However, you are guilty of attempted execution without authority.” He raised his weapon and shot his underling, who vaporized. “I purchased my own power supply.” Then he turned towards Dawn and Jack. “All unauthorized personnel are to present themselves to the Judoon for processing. Attempting to avoid this will result in a conviction for evading Judoon forces.”

Jack cursed. “So, I take it the Judoon don’t believe in community service as a punishment,” said Dawn.

“Not in general, no. They’re big fans of capital punishment. Hey!“ Jack grabbed Emort’s travel sphere, which had been trying to roll around the barricade in order to surrender to the Judoon.

“Give him to me!” Dawn snatched Emort away from Jack.

“Fine.” Jack held his hands up.

Dawn cradled the sphere in her arms. “We’re not surrendering. I know what they’ve got me on, and I don’t even want to know what you might be guilty of.”

Jack grinned. “Are you sure? I could demonstrate a couple of the more entertaining ones.” Dawn groaned, and Jack typed a few keys on the device on his wrist. “Fair enough. No surrender. But it’s going to take some doing to get your Doctor friend away from them.”

Their eyes locked. “Do you know him?” asked Dawn.

“Not yet.” Jack smirked. “But that doesn’t mean that I’m not interested. Maybe not quite as interested as I am in your scaly friend, but those skinny ones, well, they can be scrappy.”

Meanwhile, John was reading the message Jack had sent. He pulled out a sonic blaster. “Okay, thunthine, we have a plan, but it involves firing an unauthorized weapon in front of the Judoon. You in?”

Clark nodded. “Tho long as you thtop calling me thunthine. What do you need me to do?”
Tags: a girl and her time lord, characters - dawn (btvs), characters - jack harkness (dw), characters - tenth doctor (dw), fandom - buffyverse, fandom - doctor who, x-posted - twisting the hellmouth
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