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102 Uses For A Sonic Screwdriver, part 52/? - Doctor Who - NC-17

It's baaaaaaaaacccccckkkkk.....

Title: 102 Uses For A Sonic Screwdriver, part 52
Rating: NC-17
Setting: Between The Doctor Dances and Boom Town.
Characters: Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler, The Ninth Doctor
Word count:
Disclaimer: Everyone belongs to Russell T Davies and the BBC. Not us.
Summary: The continuing saga of smut, sonic screwdrivers, sex-swops and snogs.

Warnings:Contains slash, femslash, het, graphic sex, bsdm, gender!swop, body!swop, toys. Nine/Rose/Jack.

Master index, and previous parts : here.

Previously on 102 Uses... Jack’s turned female, and currently on top of Rose and her amazing strap-on. The Doctor, on the other hand, is much more interested in Jack’s other remaining opening…

~ + ~

“Oh, goddd…” breathed Jack, as the intense feelings rushing through him condensed and concentrated down into his groin. Flashes of white-hot lust shot through his body, and he almost spasmed at the first touch of the Doctor. How the hell had they ever managed to end up in this position?

Was it only a few hours ago that he’d been male for one? And now there he was totally female, impaled on Rose Tyler and her strap-on, and with the Doctor pressing his cock into his ass. The sonic screwdriver had a lot to answer for.

And even more to be praised for.

The Doctor’s cock pressed in another precious inch, and Jack hissed in sheer pleasure as the situation started to really sink in. He smiled at the involuntary pun, and decided that he really should concentrate on what the nice people around him were doing.

The Doctor paused behind him for a moment, and pushed down on Jack’s back slightly, causing him to drop his hips that little bit more. Not only did this bring his ass further in line with the Doctor’s warm, hard, cock, it also sank his pussy even further down onto Rose’s strap-on. “Fuck! Fuck fuck FUCK!” Jack swore as both of his companions entered deeper inside him, “So fucking good!”

Underneath him, Rose smiled gently at him, and reached up with both her hands. Tenderly clasping Jack’s head, she drew him down onto her and kissed him gently. Once, twice, a third time. “’lmost there, Jack,” she whispered.

Jack could feel everything down there. The warm heat of Rose’s body (and those magnificent breasts pressed against him) below him, the Doctor’s patient pose behind him, the tension vibrating through his own body, and above all, the feel of the Doctor’s cock pressing against the resistance of his asshole.

“Do it!” he said quietly, hands scrabbling into fists, grasping the sheets between them. Glancing back over his shoulder at the Doctor, he growled “Fuck me deeper and harder NOW or I’m going to kill you after all this! Both of you.”

The Doctor frowned. His brow furrowed for a moment. “Say please?” he offered.

Jack’s jaw dropped.

“Gotcha!” smirked the Doctor and pushed.

“Oh god, oh god,” yelped Jack. The Doctor’s cock pushed its way through the rubbery walls of Jack’s asshole, with the Doctor’s deceptively strong hands holding Jack’s ass cheeks apart. The fullness… oh fuck, the fullness.

He could feel them together. The Doctor’s cock almost pressing against Rose’s strap-on. Just a thin layer of flesh between them. So hot, so fucking hot. The Doctor continued pressing in, until he finally came to a stop. Jack just whimpered and shook as the feeling intensified even more. Rose kissed him again as he panted for breath.

Then he felt the Doctor withdrawing that delicious thickness slowly from him.

“Put it back!” he tried to mumble, as Rose rained kisses on him.

The Doctor chuckled. “Oh, don’t you worry about a thing, Captain. I’m not going anywhere.” He pressed back inside Jack. A little harder, a little faster. Then out again.

In. Out. Faster. Deeper.

Jack’s eyes widened as he realised what the Doctor was doing. He was fucking him. Really, really fucking him. The Doctor was fucking Jack. He’d died and gone to heaven. This just couldn’t get better.

Then Rose started moving the strap-on in and out of his dripping pussy.

End Part 52

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Tags: 102 uses..., characters - jack harkness (dw), characters - ninth doctor (dw), characters - rose tyler (dw), fandom - doctor who, femmeslash, slash, smut, x-posted - twisting the hellmouth

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