Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote in boosterific,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Random Drabbles I

Title: Random drabbles I
Rating: PG
Setting: Oh, you pick. :P
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Dawn Summers, Captain Jack Harkness
Word count: 100 each.
Disclaimer: Buffy and the gang belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Author's Notes: Don't blame me. I merely carried out other people's prompts.

“Son of a bitch,” said Dean yet again, almost by reflex.

“That’s seventeen,” said Sam tiredly.

Dean’s eyes narrowed. “Seventeen what?” he snarled.

“Seventeen times now that you’ve sworn in the last five minutes.”

Dean fixed Sam with a withering glare. “And what else am I supposed to say, huh?” he demanded. “Go on! You tell me how else to describe this mess!”

Sam had to admit he’d never quite seen the Impala in this situation before. The weight of the large blue object pressing down on the roof made moving it impossible.

“So, what exactly is a TARDIS anyhow?”


The Doctor held the wooden stake in his hand and considered it dubiously. He held it far away, he held it close to his face. No difference. It still looked like a perfectly ordinary piece of wood.

With no obvious reason why that ‘person’ had exploded into dust when the stake had entered his heart.

He licked it.

“Ewww!” squealed Dawn, “That is like, so unsanitary!”

Rose just looked embarrassed. “He does that a lot,” she shrugged.

“It’s scientifically impossible, highly implausible, and frankly, just not sonic enough,” pondered the Doctor thoughtfully. “Perhaps if I carved a groove along it….”


Dawn squealed, and tried desperately to cover herself with anything, anything at all. Just a shame there was nothing in the room whatsoever.

Jack Harkness arched one brow. “Huh,” he said, “I didn’t realise the defabricator had a bikini setting.”

Dawn froze in place, one arm across her bra-clad breasts, the other trying to hide her thong. “Wait,” she said slowly, “I’m not even meant to have these on?”

Jack shrugged. “Well…. Technical error?” he offered.

“BUFFY!!” yelled Dawn.

“You are a dead man,” she said almost cheerfully to Jack, “For one, these were Buffy’s Italian originals…”

Jack gulped. Uh-oh…
Tags: characters - dawn (btvs), characters - jack harkness (dw), characters - rose tyler (dw), characters - tenth doctor (dw), drabble, fandom - buffyverse, fandom - doctor who, fandom - supernatural
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