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Other Surnames That Dawn Never Had, 11-15

Title: Other Surnames That Dawn Never Had
Rating: G
Setting: Whenever, wherever as Shakira said.
Characters: Dawn
Word count: 100 or 200 words each.
Disclaimer: Buffy and the gang belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. I don't own them or any of the following either : Battlestar Galactica, The Muppet Show, Supernatural, Doctor Strange or Doctor Who.
Summary: Those wacky monks came pretty close to putting Dawn in some other family. Just imagine if she'd been an Adama, Tyler, Winchester, Piggy or Strange...

11 : Dawn Adama

Dawn "Venus" Adama’s voice crackled over the speakers, "No Cylon activity visible. Viper patrol heading back to Galactica now."

Gaius Baltar couldn’t understand it. Was he going mad? Why was this one woman having such an effect on him – and Number Six? Every time he looked at her, there seemed to be this strange green glow around her that no-one else could see. Even when he asked really politely.

And worse – Number Six was really confused by Dawn Adama, claiming that one moment she hadn’t been there, the next everyone accepted her.

Time to fire up his old seduction routine…

12 : Dawn Tyler
The Doctor looked embarrassed and thumped the side of the Tardis console. “Honestly, I have no idea why she won’t leave this location.”

Rose glared at her younger sister. “This never normally happens,” she whispered angrily, “What the ‘ell did you touch, Dawn?”

Dawn Tyler rolled her eyes in disdain. “Whatever. Like I wanted to go to Disneyland anyway – I’m fourteen for god’s sake. And what’s so special about Sunnydale, California anyhow? Why are we stuck here?”

She stared at the Doctor. “Rose, why is he licking the frigging machine?”

“Don’t swear!” Rose snapped automatically, but couldn’t resist looking. Mmmm…

13 : Dawn Winchester

“Shotgun!” squealed Dawn Winchester, and dived into the Impala as fast as she could go.

“Son of a--!” cursed Dean, before Sam hit him. “Yeah, yeah,” moaned Dean, rolling his eyes, “No swearing in front of the fourteen year old.”

Dawn’s grinning face popped out of the car window. “Awww, poor Deanie. Is Sammie being a meanie and not letting you say ‘bitch’ a lot? Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch…”

There was a clicking noise. Dean’s eyes widened. Crap, she had got the shotgun….

The Impala’s windshield suddenly exploded outwards in shards of glass.

“Oh fuck…” said Dawn very quietly.

14 : Dawn Piggy
A double drabble this time, as I was having waaaaay too much fun with this one.

~ + ~

“Careful, Piggy!” yelled Kermit, “She just sucked Fozzy’s brains out of his head!”

“Like that meal’s gonna satisfy anyone,” muttered Miss Piggy, stepping towards Glory. “Listen you henna haired hussy, no way anyone’s laying a finger on my sister!”

Dawn squealed and hid behind Kermit. “Watch those paws, froggie,” snarled Miss Piggy, “There’s only one ham roll you’d better be interested in!”

Glory came closer and closer. “Look, just gimme my damn key, porkie,” she yelled, “Or I’ll show you a whole new meaning to why did the pig cross the road!” A confused look crossed her face. “I meant chicken. No, wait….”

Recognising a cue when he heard one, Gonzo and his chickens charged Glory and her minions, sending them all flying everywhere. Glory struggled upright, somehow clutching onto Fozzy Bear’s cap, and with a most confused look on her face.

“Oh, Glory-kins,” coo-ed Miss Piggy in her sweetest tone of voice. Kermit gulped and ducked under the counter.

“Did you, per chance, happen to call moi a porkie?” Miss Piggy continued. A small green hand reached up and dragged Dawn Piggy down as well.

“Thus implying that I, moi, am fat?”

Unwisely, Glory nodded.

The universe paused.


15 : Dawn Strange

I am at peace, I am one with the universe…

Dr Strange winced when he heard the crash of a falling urn and several volumes of mystical tomes. Cracking one eye open, he broke off his mystic trance and looked over at his embarassed looking younger sister. “Dawn?” he said gently, “I have guests.”

“Sorry Steve!” yelped Dawn, desperately trying to shovel everything back into one pile, “It’s just…. My lipstick rolled under the bookcase and... stuff happened?”

Dr Strange made one gesture and the lipstick shot out from under the bookcase and into Dawn’s hand. “Thanks, Steve!” she squealed and exited rapidly.

Dr Strange turned back to his visitors and smiled reassuringly. “Do not worry Mr Giles, Miss Summers. I will soon enough locate this mystical Key you seek.”

Returning to floating in mid-air, he concentrated again. I am at peace, I am one with the universe…

There was a distant crash of a gong, and the sound of his manservant Wong running past at high speed. Dr Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, fearless defender of the earth, kept his eyes tightly closed together.

I am at peace, I am one with the universe… I am not here.

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