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Very Good Friends Come Up With Alibi's, drabbles 10 to 13

Title: Very Good Friends Come Up With Alibi's, drabbles 10 to 13
Rating: PG-13
Setting: Season One of Veronica Mars.
Word count: 100 each
Disclaimer: Buffy and the gang belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Veronica Mars goes to Rob Thomas.
Summary: If there was anyone that could get Lily out of this mess, it was Veronica.

Author's Notes: Still glaring at ffutures here.

It all starts here.

There’s a strange sense of power running through Lily right now as Veronica tries to get free of her grasp. She opens her fist and ‘Ronnie drops to the floor. While Veronica tries to get air back in her lungs, Lily wonders just how strong she is now. It felt like no effort at all…

Veronica glares up at her. “What the hell--?!?” she starts, before Lily rips off the band-aid on her neck, and Veronica’s eyes fly to it.

“Two puncture marks, girl – just like I left on Aaron. Now, care to explain just why you suggested that?”

They go shopping. Mainly because they don’t want Lianne to overhear them (even though Veronica makes the classic ‘drinking heavily’ sign with her hand), but Lily thinks Veronica might need a moment.

And to be honest, she does too.

“I thought you knew!” hisses Veronica over a red sundress, “You were all ‘I know a secret’ over at the carwash, and then you did the whole… ‘thing’ with Aaron so well, I thought you knew.”

Lily resists the urge to throttle Veronica again. “Know what?” she angrily hisses back, moving into the bikini section, “Just tell me!”

“Vampires really exist.”



Lily’s first thought is that Veronica’s crazy. And her second thought as well.

But she’s not stupid. She’s quite able to follow certain trains of thought through well enough. The holes in her neck, some of the figures in her dreams, even that strange thing in the alleyway…

Most of all, the thought that runs through her mind is that Sheriff Mars is not a stupid man. And yet, one mention of “strange, disfigured faces with yellow eyes” and the whole twin marks on Aaron’s neck, and it’s suddenly all ‘Gangs on PCP’.

Oh, wow. Vampires do exist.

Two diet cokes and a cheeseburger later, and the world still seems as screwed up and weird as ever before. From where they’re sitting, they can see lots of people walking around in the mall below them, and Lily just looks and wonders.

Veronica gives Lily a weak little smile. “I pretty much went through the same thing,” she says semi-apologetically.

Lily’s still confused. “Okay, vampires. But what about my strength? Why am I so strong now?”

“Ah. Well, I may be able to help you there,” says the English sounding guy as he suddenly sits down at their table.

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Tags: characters - veronica mars (v mars), drabble, fandom - buffyverse, fandom - veronica mars, x-posted - twisting the hellmouth

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