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REPOST : Don't Speak - Buffyverse/Stargate crossover - Wesley/Sam Carter

Title: Don’t Speak
Rating: NC-17
Setting: Early Angel season 5, Stargate SG-1 season 7 or so.
Characters: Samantha Carter, Wesley Wyndham-Price.
Disclaimer: Buffy and the gang belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Stargate crew to the usual suspects. I own them not.
Summary: The aftermath of a business lunch between Samantha Carter and Wesley Wyndham-Price. Pure PWP.

Author's Notes: Laney and Houses for help, support and beta reading.

The hotel door flew shut behind them, and Samantha Carter found herself pressed up hard against it. She was tingling over all. Possibly a side effect of all the wine they’d had at lunch, but more likely to be Wesley’s kisses on her neck. She threw her head back and drew a deep breath. “Don’t stop… don’t ever stop,” she whispered. She clutched his body close to her and pulled his head closer to her mouth.

Was it only three days ago that she’d promised Daniel to call on an acquaintance of his? Only two days since she’d called him to arrange a meeting to pick up a book for Daniel? Since she’d heard his voice for the first time? And only one hour since they’d met for the very first time?

She could feel herself getting moist. Almost involuntarily, she felt one of her legs wrapping around Wesley’s body. There was definitely something strongly arousing about how they hadn’t even stopped to put any lights on. How they’d been staring hungrily at each other in the long, drawn-out, protracted elevator ride back to her room. How had they managed to keep their hands off each other long enough for her to fumble her key out and open the door?

Wesley changed his angle of approach at that point in Sam’s musings, and she abruptly came back to the moment as his mouth captured hers in a bruising kiss. She eagerly returned the favor, kissing him back with a repressed energy finally breaking free. Her hands roamed down his back, pulling him in tight, as his hands found their way around her upper body. She reversed the course of her hands, and started pulling his jacket off him. His “Evil Lawyer” jacket as he’d referred to it in an offhand joke during their aborted lunch.

His hands were busy in turn, pulling her blouse out of the tight black skirt she’d chosen to wear. Then, all of a sudden, his hands were underneath the blouse, and on her bare skin. She jerked backwards, enjoying the sensation so much, and ripped her mouth away from Wesley’s. Panting with desire, she looked deeply into his eyes, and pulled the jacket completely off his firm torso. “More,” was all she said. And Wesley understood exactly what she wanted right now. No, needed right now.

She felt herself pressed almost harder against the wall, as he returned to kissing her throat, almost gently nipping it in places. He moved slowly on up her neck, approaching her ear. Even the stubble on his jaw scraped along in an arousing fashion to her. And how hot was that combination? The firm jaw, the stubble and the strong determined look. She took another deep breath and shivered as his hands started sliding upwards underneath her blouse. Sam buried her head on his shoulder, and slid her own hands downwards. One hand slipped down his back and tightly gripped his behind, while the other squeezed in between them and headed for his trouser belt.

“Ohhhhh….” she shuddered in pleasure, as his thumbs just grazed the sides of her breasts. Oh, he knew what he was doing, all right. His thumbs paused, stroked back down once more, then back upwards across the edges of her bra. “Oh, God…” she whispered softly, as his mouth started nibbling on her earlobe. Time to change things a touch, Sam somehow managed to think. Her right hand came round from its grip on Wesley’s ass and joined its mate at Wesley’s crotch. With both there, Sam was able to pull Wesley’s zipper down and slip a hand inside.

She couldn’t help but flashback to when they’d first laid eyes on each other downstairs. She’d liked the sound of his voice on the phone: cool, smart and reserved. Probably one reason why she’d worn that outfit she realized now. She’d told herself she was on vacation, and it was time to look as far from a soldier as she could. And then he’d entered the bar area. The firm gaze from his steely eyes behind those glasses; the feeling of strength and confidence he gave off made her recognize him before he’d even reached her. That, and the almanac under one arm. Had he felt, even at that time, that soon they’d be in this position?

It was his turn to breathe deeply and be distracted from that pleasurable nibbling of her ear, as she cupped her hand around the flesh she felt. Her body seemed to be on autopilot, as one hand gently kneaded his balls while the other attempted to undo his belt. His hands came out from under her blouse, causing her a temporary disappointment, before she realized he was undoing the buttons on the front. She moved her hand higher, and took his penis into her grasp. It was both warm and soft, but growing firmer as she held it.

Her blouse was now completely open, and Wesley’s hands moved over her abdomen, both front and back, avoiding her breasts. She could feel the hardness of her nipples, almost hurting her now, sticking out through the smooth material of her bra. A wordless sigh of desire and pleasure came from her, as his two hands met at her back and started undoing the catch to her bra.

Reluctantly, she pulled her head off his shoulder and withdrew her hands. Quickly, she helped him divest her of upper garments. Her blouse and bra soon joined his jacket and tie on the hotel room’s floor. They were standing next to the bed by now, still in the semi-gloom of the darkened room. As the lights from outside flickered occasionally through the curtains into the room, he moved behind her and put his arms around her. As Wesley started gently kissing the nape of her neck, Sam placed his hands on top of her breasts. She could feel the lump in his trousers behind her, pressing into her backside, and it excited her even more to know that she had caused that.

Her hands rested lightly on top of his, as he held her breasts in his grasp. She closed her eyes and slowly swung her head from side to side, as Wesley held her breasts firmly, his thumbs back and forth across the top side of them. Her jaw dropped open in anticipation as they finally moved down to hold the firm hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Ohhhhh….as good as she’d thought it would be. Better.

He started stroking them slowly with the thumbs, giving them a little tweak at the end of each downward stroke. His mouth had worked its way up to her other ear by now and he was pressing his groin more firmly into her now. All those different sensations finally drove Sam Carter to breaking point. Whirling around, she took Wesley’s head between her hands and kissed him hungrily, before pushing him backwards onto the bed. As he recovered and pushed himself upwards to a more lying position, Sam climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees. Slowly padding her way up the bed, maintaining eye contact all the time, she reached out and undid his trousers more easily this time.

As she knelt topless between his legs, her hands reached inside his boxer shorts and pulled out his erect penis. Still holding eye contact, she slowly bent forward and extended her tongue. She licked the top once. It jerked in her hand. He almost jerked too, but managed to control most of his reaction.

“You don’t have to…” was all he got out before she held up her spare hand in a stop gesture.

“Shhhhh….. I want to” she whispered, before she leant forward and took the tip into her mouth. It was warmer than she’d thought, and larger than she’d expected. Her tongue reached out and slid round the tip, almost flicking the little slit at the top. Oh god, it had been sooo long. She missed this. Not just the position she was in, but the whole giving and taking of pleasure. Of that moment when you’re not thinking of anything or anyone else – and you’re damn sure they’re not either.

She reluctantly withdrew it out of her mouth for a moment, and slowly, tantalizingly drew her tongue down one side before bringing it up to the top. Wesley almost squirmed as she ran the tip of her tongue around the top again, before suddenly burying in her mouth again. She had about two or three inches firmly in her mouth, and slowly moved her lips upwards again almost to the very tip. Then she would suddenly swoop downwards again, before the slow drawn out lifting of her lips.

Wesley was starting to squirm, she saw. Tiny, little involuntary movements that showed her just how much he was enjoying this. And she was enjoying this too – the heat gathering around her groin alone told her that. She released his erect phallus almost reluctantly from her mouth, only to blow gently across the tip. Quite the large squirm from Wesley then. First the tease, then the pleasure she thought as she sank her mouth down once more. She started to increase the speed she was going up and down his shaft. Wesley was no longer even pretending that he wasn’t enjoying it. His hand reached out and started playing with her hair.

Finally she had enough. Sam took his warm shaft out of her mouth, and looked up at Wesley. Smiling, she licked her lips and started crawling up his body towards his head. She proceeded slowly and sensually up, carefully undoing all the buttons on his shirt and kissing the exposed flesh underneath. A shiver of sheer pleasure went through her whole body when her aching breasts moved over his penis. It twitched, and Sam felt a corresponding surge through her body.

Then she was there – face to face with him once more. Looking down on him, Sam bent her head down and kissed him deeply, fiercely on his mouth. Their tongues met and frantically battled for what felt like mere moments before she broke away gasping for breath. She reached out one hand and took off his glasses. Reaching out to one side, and without losing eye contact, she placed them carefully on the bedside table. He started to say something, but Sam stopped him by putting one finger across his lips. “Shut up,” she whispered.

A slow smile spread across Wesley’s face. Taking her gently by the arms and kissing her strongly, he sat up on the bed. She was now sitting topless on him, her hard almost aching nipples pressing into his firm chest. Taking advantage of the opportunity, she pulled the rest of his shirt off and threw it and his tie on the floor. His hands in turn were now on her rear, feeling, stroking and caressing it. His mood seemed to grow more urgent, as if to match her deep cravings, and his hands expertly found their way to the fastener on the side of her skirt, and quickly undid it.

She didn’t want to be parted from his body for even the slightest moment, but somehow pushed herself off him. Standing by the bed, she paused, and with the sexiest wiggle she could produce, let the skirt just drop down her body. She was rewarded by an almost silent whistle of admiration, and a pause in Wesley’s almost frantic undressing of his lower half. She kicked off her shoes, not looking or caring where they ended up, and pushed down her sheer black tights that she’d worn to look good in the bar.

Looking up, her breath caught in her throat. Wesley had finished undressing, and stood before her in the semi-darkness totally naked. He looked amazing in the dim light, with the occasional flash of light from the curtains hitting his muscled torso. He moved to her side and took Sam in his arms. He placed his mouth firmly on hers and once again their tongues met. Sam found her arms wrapping around him and forcing his head to hers. She could feel the warmth and sheer bulk of his body next to her and pressed herself against it.

She could feel his free hand sliding gently and caressingly down her back, until it reached her last remaining item of clothing. He gathered up the material of her warm and moist panties and started pulling them back and forth across her groin area. Her clitoris was simulated each and every time he did it and the feeling spread throughout her body quickly. She sagged in his embrace and broke off from their kiss to moan helplessly.

She needed it.

She needed more.

She needed it now.

And somehow, he knew. Pushing her backwards gently onto the bed, Wesley knelt between her outstretched legs. His turn to lower his face, and descend. She could feel his breath blowing over her hot and wet slit, and almost groaned in frustration. Then she felt it – a tiny flick of a tongue over her. So good. So very good – and so frustrating again. Her breath left her mouth in a quiet moan as his second touch lasted for longer. He continued, taking small careful and delicate swipes of his tongue over her lips and clit. Her breath was ragged, her breasts were actually heaving and her hands were clawing at the bedspread in her attempt not to say anything. Wesley, damn him, was taking it as a challenge now – building her up, getting her closer and closer to that release, that peak, before backing off and leaving her even more desperate.

Sam growled low and huskily in her throat, and reached out with both hands to grab his head and pull it firmly to that certain place where he was so carefully avoiding. Wesley carefully slid a finger deep inside her and Sam spasmed. Her whole body tingled just from that one finger, and her hands dropped once more to the side. She felt an almost sense of loss when he pulled it completely out. Looking down the bed, she saw him place the finger in his mouth and obviously enjoy the taste. His other hand ran up one thigh and she shivered as it reached her slit again. Spreading the lips open, Wesley ran his tongue up the side and flicked her clit on passing. Sam groaned and resigned herself to this sweet torture, her head rolling from side to side on the pillow. He continued – a little flick here, a caress with a thumb here, a slow and deep plunge into her there and once even a suck on her clit which almost brought her bolt upright.

Finally, she was there. Teetering on the peak, and Wesley backed off once more. Sam growled in frustration, only to have her growl cut off by Wesley’s kisses. His body was lying on top of hers, and his erect penis was by her slit. She paused in mid-kiss and looked up deeply into Wesley’s eyes. There was a moment which seemed to last both no time at all and ages. Then Wesley bucked his hips and slid deeply into her.

Oh god.

That felt so good.

So right.

Her legs wrapped firmly around him. Her arms held him tightly and she showered kisses on his face. He started working himself backwards and then forwards, sliding in and out of her excited body, and Sam could feel herself finally heading at full speed towards that moment. Her pelvis started rising from the bed to meet his thrusts, and she found herself pressed into his shoulder. Deeper and deeper he sank, and Sam finally surrendered totally and fully to the feelings her body was experiencing. She came, loudly and completely.

Later that night, they lay in the bed, tired and exhausted between rounds. She ran a finger over his body, over the scars there. Running one finger over what she knew had to be a bullet wound in his side, she looked up at Wesley and smiled. “Just a simple librarian slash lawyer, huh?”

Wesley bent over and kissed her on the forehead. Casting an eye down her body and her own impressive amount of scars, he simply raised his eyebrows and said “Deep Space telemetry, huh?”

Sam giggled. Not a thing she normally did, but what the hell? Crawling a little further up the bed, she snuggled in close to Wesley. “Awww, shut up.” she joked. And kissed him, before the inevitable reply of “Make me” could be uttered. Kisses led to caresses, and caresses led to serious touching, and that just led to another round.

All in all, it wasn’t till the next day that either of them remembered that they’d left the almanac in the bar.

Tags: characters - sam carter (sg1), characters - wesley (btvs), fandom - buffyverse, fandom - stargate sg-1, smut, x-posted - twisting the hellmouth

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