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REPOST : Tick for President! - The Tick/The Terminator crossover

Title: Tick for President!
Rating: 15
Characters: The Tick, Arthur, The Terminator
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of them. No way. No how.
Summary: The Terminator runs into The Tick. Wacky Hijinks ensue.

Author's Notes: Blame hjcallipygian. It was all based on his icon on the original ficlet request thread.

Early that morning, there was a knock at the door, and Arthur went to answer it.

In front of him stood what appeared to be a fairly naked Arnold Schwarzenegger with a towel wrapped around his lower half, a pair of sunglasses on, and a rolled up poster in one hand. “Sarah Connor?” he asked.

Arthur blinked. “Nooooo…” he said carefully. “Have you tried number 47?”

Behind the sunglasses, writing flowed, information processed, conclusions were reached.



“I beg your pardon,” said the Terminator, “Are you the Tick?”

“No,” said Arthur, as the Tick danced merrily across the hallways behind him, clutching a grapefruit in one hand. “He’s a little… busy right now.”

“Arthur!” came the call from behind him, “Evil is afoot! The cutlery drawer has been raided! Fiends!”

The Terminator would have blinked himself if his program allowed him. This was the hope of mankind? This was his mission? Piece of cake. He unrolled the poster, and showed it to Arthur.

It was a simple poster, slightly ripped at the sides and displayed a picture of the Tick beaming at the camera, and the slogan “Tick for President 2008”. His programming suggested that he did not mention exactly how he’d bought the poster back from the future.

“I am from the future,” he said in his metallic monotone still, “I must persuade the Tick to not enter politics. Otherwise, untold damage will occur to the timeline.”

Arthur gazed up at the Terminator, “Are you a Republican?”

The Tick bounded over to them, grapefruit still held tightly. “Arthur! We must away! Save the city! Enjoy this grapefruit! Eat! Breakfast!” He looked up at the Terminator. “Greetings, concerned citizen! What peril may I save you from today?”

SMILE “I may be able to assist you with your problem, if you swear never to run for political office,” said the Terminator, previously unused facial gears straining to produce the desired effect.

The Tick’s jaw dropped – and there was a lot of it to drop. “Great Scott! Such an astounding offer – of course I accept immediately, man!” Beside him, the long-suffering Arthur sighed heavily, and wandered off to get his own breakfast.

The Terminator produced an eating utensil from under his towel. The Tick took one look at it and shouted ”SPOOOOOONNN!!!!” at the top of his voice. Grabbing it from the Terminator, he hugged him with all his might. “Thank you, concerned citizen!”



And the Terminator collapsed into a fused together pile of metal and flesh parts.


The Tick stared at the remains. “Ooops,” he said quietly, and placed what was left into a dumpster. “Your noble sacrifice will not go unforgotten, nameless citizen! For I, the Tick, will fight on for Truth, Justice, and easier to open grapefruits! I will be President of this great and glorious land for you!”

He paused. “But first! Breakfast! SPOOOOOONNN!!!!"

Tags: crack!fic, fandom - misc

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