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REPOST : Plane Insane - Harry Potterverse - Draco Malfoy

Title: Plane Insane
Rating: Silly
Setting: Somewhere in the future.
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Goyle
Disclaimer: Buffy and the gang belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.
Summary: Not all of Draco’s ideas were good ones.

Author's Notes: This double drabble popped into my head and won’t leave. Help me…..

For once, Goyle was a happy man.

He still didn’t understand exactly why Draco and the others were so intent on exposing their magical world to the muggles, but taking over one of these ‘hairplanes’ would certainly get a lot of attention.

All that mattered was that he had a good excuse to tower over people sitting in these small, cramped seats and push them around. Strolling down the gangways, he glared at their hostages and made them flinch away at the merest wave of his wand.

He entered the tail section for the first time, and glanced casually around. Oh Merlin, he knew that face! What the hell was his old teacher doing here?!!? Still reeling from the shock, Goyle then recognised the woman sitting beside him.

Oddly enough, it was the “Just Married” stickers on the luggage that his old teacher was storing that finally drove him to panic.

Racing out of the section, he ran straight into Draco and Crabbe. Wordlessly, he pointed back in terror and saw Draco’s eyes widen in panic.

Grabbing Crabbe, who was holding the passenger manifest, Draco shook him violently, “Why didn’t you tell me there were motherfucking Snapes on the plane?!?!”

Tags: characters - draco malfoy (hp), drabble, fandom - harry potter

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